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Data Recovery and Computer Forensics

The question is not whether a storage device can fail, but rather when this incident will happen. Data recovery techniques help to recover your files and folders from a damaged storage medium. This includes damaged or accidentally formatted hard disks, deleted files/folders or files/folders that got lost through file system damage caused by viruses or other malicious activity. Forensic tools help to gather background information about such and related incidents.

IT Security assessment and implementation

IT Security assessments help to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. With your permission penetration tests can be run on your network or parts of your IT environment. These tests will help to develop recommendations to improve your IT security, and to implement these strategies.

Admin Coaching and Forensic Admin

Administration can be overwhelming, while tailor made and appropriate systems can make it all easy. Admin coaching supports you in designing administrative systems that suit your particular needs and working rhythms, making use of your talents and skills, so that administration can be fun and give you the results you are looking for.
Admin coaching will support you in adjusting the systems until you are sure they work well for you and you feel confident in using them.

Forensic admin is useful when administrative systems have been neglected for a while. The first task is usually to establish where things are at, which tasks have slipped and what the priorities are in bringing systems up to date. Then new systems can be set up that allow you to stay on top of administrative tasks with ease and grace.

Translation Services

Katharina Kroeber works with both English-German and German-English translations. She has translated a wide number of articles, particularly in the arts and crafts field, and has worked on translations for Path of the Dancer by Bernhard Wosien, Forgiveness is Power by William Fergus Martin, and Ask the Fox by Hartmut Müller.